Tam Coc in Ninh Binh became the first choice of many tourists from Ninh Binh and other provinces during the national day 2nd September this year, according to tourism authorities for Tam Coc tours.

Tam Coc caves and Trang An complex was top the list of visitors to Ninh Binh in September, because Trang An, the world's Cultural and Natural heritage with the strength of natural landscapes coupled with historic, spiritual and cultural values that tourists only know through the media.

Tam Coc gets on top of Ninh Binh attraction list

Predicting the situation of tourists coming to Tam Coc tours and Trang An would increase sharply, and to ensure good service during the holidays, Ninh Binh tourism sector has been strengthening security and order in tourists sites, ensuring environmental hygiene and mobilizing the workforce of boat rowers to serve tourists, avoid the situation of pushing and jostling at the wharf.
According to Ms Hoang Thu Huong, manager at Trang An boat dock, during the holiday season this year, every day visitors to the complex increased by 45% compared to usual days.

Not only in Trang An tours, the number of tourists to other sites in Ninh Binh during the national holiday all increased. Visitors to the ancient capital Hoa Lu, Tam Coc caves, Bich Dong pagoda, Thung Nham bird valley, Cuc Phuong national park increased 20 - 50% over average and from 6-20% compared to National Day last year.

Giang Bach Dang, Director of the Center for Conservation of Hoa Lu ancient capital said: Ninh Binh is known as the land of many historical sites, famous scenic spots in the country and abroad, in which the relics of Hoa Lu ancient capital - the first capital of a feudal dynasty in Vietnam still retains many vestiges of palaces, temples, artifacts bearing unique historical and cultural values...To promote the advantage and potential in tourism, the centre had been prepared the best conditions, ready to welcome domestic and international visitors, especially the national holiday this year lasted 3 days was an ideal chance for people to make their trip to the roots. Foreseeing this, the centre had planed to build the image and boost tourism promotion of Hoa Lu ancient capital to tourists.

Earlier, the centre had arranged and embellished the sites, actively coordinate with local authorities, police forces to ensure security and order, traffic safety, environmental hygiene in relic sites, ensuring the best conditions for tourists to visit. In particular, the Centre mobilized 100% of staff during the holidays to actively welcome the groups from Vietnam and other countries to visit.

Compared to other sites of attraction in Ninh Binh, Cuc Phuong National Park is a bit far, but still the address chosen by visitors because it has a rare ecological space and related to wild nature ... Mr Nguyen Van Thai, Director of the Centre for research and wildlife conservation ofCuc Phuong National Park said: not only holidays, the center of Cuc Phuong National Park is ready to open its doors to visitors. Since early February, the Center was open free of charge. Center has developed programs in coordination with the elementary schools in the province to bring students to visit, improve understanding and love of animals for students. There are currently 50 individuals of 7 types of animals, including civets, mongoose mold, small-toothed palm civet, pangolin, pangolin Java wildcats. Holidays are an opportunity for many students to visit, accounting for about 40% of all tourist arrivals to Cuc Phuong National Park.

According to tourism investors and executive managers at tourist sites and attractions in Ninh Binh, the National Day is not only a holiday but also a day that weather turned to Autumn, for the students is the time starting a new school year, the anniversary day of school, meeting...and visitors usually go in big groups.

Tourist sites that have good ecological environment, attached to nature, wild...or close to food services, shopping would be the first choice of travelers!